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Empowering children with ADHD through play and education
A computer game that improves time management, social responsibility, and working memory
Play & Learn!
In Plan-It Commander, children play the exciting role of a space captain in search for rare minerals throughout the universe. Players are sent on various missions and mini-games by an in-game mentor who provides guidance and feedback, while encouraging and supporting players throughout. Each mission has its own adventurous storyline and specific learning goals, all designed and shown to be effective in enhancing behavioural skills such as time management, social skills, and working memory. 
Designed to Improve 3 Essential Life Skills
Time Management
In Plan-It Commander's labyrinth missions, players practice and develop their time management skills by monitoring a clock and estimating the time required to perform tasks. Better time management comes with more points and more fun. On top of that, parents and teachers of game players have reported that children have applied this same technique at school and in everyday life!
Forward Planning
During the game, children are tasked with directing ICO the robot by programming its movements in advance. During this task, players must engage and apply their visual and spacial memory skills in order to successfully complete the mission. In this way, players practice and develop their planning skills - all while having fun!
Social Relationships
With support from the game's Space Club Community and Space-Travel Trainer, players improve their social skills by practicing being considerate of others and by collaborating with teammates to successfully complete the missions. Players also learn positive communication techniques that can be applied in every day life, by utilizing standardized messages that are safe and friendly.
Real Life Improvements That Last
Parents and teachers report that the children and students who play Plan-It-Commander apply the skills they practice in every day life.
Even 10 weeks* after playing Plan-It Commander, researchers show that children continue to apply the skills they've acquired and developed.
Scientifically Tested By:
*After 10 weeks of play
Proven Effective by Leading Scientists
As part of a clinical trial that examined the therapeutic effects of serious games for children with ADHD, Plan-It Commander demonstrated significant improvements in children's behavioural and essential life skills. Researchers and psychological experts concluded that Plan-It Commander is an effective adjunctive Internet-based behavioral intervention for children with ADHD.
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